Selection of cheeses
Recipies & Cheese Tips

Cheese Facts

  • Cheese is packed with the protein that we all need to build and maintain our bodies. From hair to muscle, almost 20% of your body is made from protein.
  • A small matchbox-sized piece of Cheddar contains as much calcium as a third of a pint of milk.
  • Cheese is a great source of vitamin A, which you need for healthy skin and eyes and to keep your defence system working properly, helping to fight illnesses caused by nasty bugs and viruses.
  • Cheese is an excellent source of energy - a bite of cheese instead of a sugary drink keeps you and your teeth on the go all day!
  • Each day our friends in France, Italy, Greece and Germany eat nearly twice as much cheese, per person, as we do.
  • Cheese is one of the most versatile foods around and can be used as a starter, a main course or as a dessert - you can't do that with many other foods!

How to store and serve Cheese

  • Cheese should be stored in the fridge as this provides a controlled cool environment.

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Top Tips for a Great Cheeseboard

  • Always buy your cheese a day or two before you want it and store in the fridge, but allow it to sit opened at room temperature for at least an hour before eating.

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Ravishing rarebit


Ravishing Rarebit

Add tasty Red Leicester to everyone’s favourite comfort food for a little indulgence. Serves 4-6.

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Cheese straws

Scrumptious Cheese Straws

Make it mouth-watering, by adding tasty mature Cheddar to this classic canapé. Makes about 28 straws.

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Meltingly Moreish Cheese Burgers

Tasty Double Gloucester stuffed burgers with parsley and nutmeg give this traditional taste a melting mouth-watering marvellous middle! Makes 4 burgers.

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Macaroni cheese

Utterly Unbelievable Macaroni & Cheese with sage & chestnut mushrooms

A tasty twist on this homemade classic using the ultimate ingredients makes for a unique and comforting dish. Serves 4.

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Bacon & Cheese Jackets

Crunchy and creamy Tickler & Bacon Jackets

A touch of tangy Tickler and a blend of tasty extras turns this everyday classic into an irresistible dish. Serves 4.

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Cheese & Pickle Cookies

Cheddar & Pickle Cookies

Create an uncommon cookie by adding a touch of your favourite Cheddar, different, delicious and utterly desirable. Makes about 20.

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